Looking to knock down
and rebuild your home?

You don’t have to be on-site or co-ordinate anything.

We’ll cover the demolition cost of your existing house up
to the value of $20,000* and we’ll manage the process for you.

Take advantage of this special demolition offer now – must end 30 June 2018

Do you want a new home but don’t want to move
from a location where you feel settled?

As a multi-award winning luxury homes builder, Millbrook Homes focuses on making your dream home a reality, whatever your dream may look like. And we won’t let your existing house stand in the way of that.

For a limited time you can take advantage of a special Knock Down Rebuild demolition offer from Millbrook Homes – where we take care of removing your existing structure so you don’t have to deal with the stress of it, negotiate with tradesmen, or have to cope with all the mess.

It’s a convenient way of knocking down before you rebuild – where we cover your demolition for up to $20,000.* So you can concentrate on bringing the dream of luxury living to life, with a tailor-made home you’ll love, built with the care and flair that has won Millbrook Homes 35 awards over the past 18 months.

Here’s what the team at Millbrook Homes will look after for you:

All the management and liaison with the demolition company
Overseeing the quality and safety of the demolition work conducted on your site
Ensuring that all rubbish is removed from your site after the demolition
Up to $20,000* off the cost of the demolition of your existing house upon completion of the entire build project

After demolition, you can set about making your new dream home a reality, with Millbrook Homes.

We build magnificent new homes on Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches and North West.

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Information correct as at 01/05/2018 and subject to change. Available to all tender request fees received by Millbrook Homes Pty Ltd from 1/5 - 30/6/2018 for residential builds in New South Wales.  All values inclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.

Millbrook Homes agrees to provide to the Client which enters into a HIA Contract with Millbrook Homes for the demolition of an existing house and the construction of a new residence, a credit for demolition works and associated costs such as fees etc. to the value of $20,000 including but not limited to, the removal of asbestos and lead.

Standard demolition costs may exceed $20,000. Any demolition costs in excess of $20,000 will be paid either by the Client and/or the property owner.  A quotation for demolition is subject to variation in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of the HIA Contract between Millbrook Homes and the Client.

The Client is eligible for a credit of up to $20,000 from Millbrook Homes if the demolition work is performed by Millbrook Homes’ preferred suppliers on an existing building on the site where Millbrook Homes is engaged to construct a new home.  The $20,000 credit will only apply to demolition work undertaken by suppliers engaged by Millbrook Homes and will be applied to the final account issued to the client for the construction of the new home.  The credit will not be available immediately upon the conclusion of the demolition, and is not redeemable for cash.

The demolition process will be managed by Millbrook Homes, who will be responsible for securing quotes from the preferred suppliers, DA lodgement and associated works as well as management of the demolition process. Millbrook Homes will not be responsible for any work carried out by any demolition company not engaged by Millbrook Homes.

Millbrook Homes is not liable for any delays caused by the demolition or any damages arising from the demolition including but not limited to changes to the lay of the land and any flow on effects it may have on the house plan/build contract, of any import/export fill required to rectify any issues arising as a consequence of or subsequent to the demolition.

The $20,000 credit will be deducted from the Client’s final account. The $20,000 credit to the final account is subject to the Client entering into a HIA Contract with Millbrook homes for the construction of a new residence and the completion of the construction of that residence by Millbrook Homes.

To the extent that there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the terms of your HIA contract with Millbrook Homes, the terms of the HIA Contract will prevail.